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Becoming a Founder Farms member will give you the right to decide the direction for CŪfarms.

Each farm has its own personal profile page, encouraging a friendly approach from consumers to trade buyers.

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What Our Dairy Farmer Members Say

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We have been saying for a long time that we need to unite as an industry and get some control and power back to the farmer. Enough is enough, if we don’t change now I don’t think it will ever happen! We enjoy farming and working with cattle but the financial side of it is heartbreaking. We have been on numerous protests over the years but no one seems to listen to us. Hope CU Farms will have better success and transform the dairy industry! "

Cheryl Thomas and family,

Dairy Farmer & member of CŪ Farms UK

I voted to come out of Europe in the hope that we could have a new Milk Board, and CU Farms as a producer organisation looks to be the next best thing to market our milk and stop the volatility. This would give a future for my children, and hopefully a decent living. Talking to Andrew and Rob is very, very encouraging and I am hopeful that there will be a big take up to register and join and make us stronger as a sector. "

David Roff, Dairy Farmer

We are beef and sheep farmers, but not dairy. I just thought CŪ farms had some good sentiments and with the uncertain and challenging future that all farmers are facing it is important that we support each other. It is time we rebalanced the power of the supply chain to help all farmers.

John Yeoman, Dairy Farmer

Watch the launch of CŪ farms and discover how being a member will transform the U.K. dairy industry:

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