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How can UK Dairy Farmers build an economically sustainable future?


What does a fairer and more financially stable future look like for UK dairy farmers?

Watch the launch of CŪ farms and discover how being a member will transform the U.K. dairy industry:

(cū [coo], Anglo-Saxon and Gaelic for cow)

Nothing happens without taking action. Let's change the British dairy market together, for good.

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Main Goal

CU Farms UK's goal is to form an organisation that will unite UK dairy farmers and will support the wider industry as a whole


To ensure that UK milk production is both economically viable and environmentally lasting, with an industry-leading sustainable carbon-neutral program to underpin it

Key Requirement

The appointment of a new post of Dairy Code Adjudicator. There will be agreed on binding legal obligations for this adjudicator. The role will ensure fairness and transparency throughout the entire dairy supply chain 

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Adjudicator Activities

• Milk contracts with processors

• Binding contract grievance procedures

• Mandatory price reporting and sharing by processors with Adjudicator

• Labelling (country of origin milk code identification when an ingredient)

• Retail/Foodservice price monitoring


• Processors should follow a defined mandatory code that makes sure farmers are fairly treated

• Discretionary pricing must be removed from all contracts

• Farmers must be paid within the terms of the contract (no exclusion clauses), at an agreed price( no backdated price reductions )

• Equal notice periods for farmers/milk buyers shall be agreed at the commencement of the contract

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Mandatory Price Transparency

• The actual price paid to farmers, not headline prices that give a misleading reflection of the price paid that takes into account

• No price variance due to location


• Must be clearer and show country of origin on packaging in a % size requirement

• Also be stated in ingredients i.e. on pizzas, e.g. Polish cheese on UK pizza 
Greater emphasis placed on Farm Assurance kitemark


• Farm prices to be reported to the Adjudicator which are then shared

• Low priced buyers can then be named and shamed

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All milk buyers must take out MANDATORY insurance for all milk contracts they enter into with farmers. This will eliminate buyers discretion and bankruptcy/ insolvency on any agreed contracted milk price period.

-> The AHDB to use levy money to promote British Dairy produce at home and also export markets. 


-> The government to ensure all UK hospitals, schools, prisons, and the military only use British dairy produce.